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Are You Ready For What's Coming

In case you haven't noticed America is Falling and Falling Fast!

Have you ever felt like the world was crashing down around you and no one else could see the calamity but you? And you wonder, ‘are they really asleep and just do not care what happens.


Our freedoms are being stripped!! And everyone is just standing by and watching this happen.


Or so I thought.


A lady came whizzing by the store I worked at and pulled up into our parking lot. What really caught my eye was the writing all over her 4x4. On looking closer, I starting reading some of the writing.


‘It’s not about black and white, but about what’s wrong and right.’ ‘Yes, I am a hate monger, I hate a corrupt government.’ ‘There is only one God, and Obama you are not it.’


I stood amazed.  As she was walking in, I made a comment about the writing on her truck. She replied, ‘I’m just mad. Probably someone will break out my windows with what I have written.’


People are starting to open up. The fear of not knowing what is going on is becoming greater than the fear of not speaking out and wanting answers.


My friend, the time is NOW to stand up for your freedom. If not now, there may not come another chance. Freedom is going down the drain, fast!


Take off the blinders, open up the heart, and start asking questions. Why? What is the real truth? What has been hid from us, ‘that they’ do not want us to see?


And that is why we are here. To help you.

The interest we hold on this website is to inform our readers of situations that are occurring upon this world and to bring you understanding about what you can do about it now, to help protect you and your loved ones.


We offer a lot of valuable free information and to get into more depth, we have a membership price of $12.99. By staying with us and helping us to bring you the pertinent news you need to stay informed, after (3) months we will reduce your membership price to $9.99 a month.


We scope the whole world for anything that will help bring you a piece of mind and to allow you to see what is really going on behind the seemingly chaos of today.



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